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Ecological, even in the packaging

There are different types of filler for parcels, but these are the 2 most commonly used "peanuts".

Polystyrene: the best-known version. Polystyrene is made of plastic, oil and air. For these reasons, the production of this filling agent is not ecological and toxic at the risks of ingestion for animals and children.

Starch: This solution, which is not much more expensive, is made from starch. They are biodegradable and melt in water. In addition to being nontoxic for ingestion, they will melt in your mouth. (Oh yea, at FREYA we tested it for you! However, we do not recommend it!) 

Although FREYA preconizes biodegradable starch beads for obvious reasons, some of your packages may contain the non-ecological version. In order to be as ecological as possible, we’ve chosen to reuse as much as possible of what we receive from suppliers through our purchases for the production of your candles. The goal? Avoid unnecessary waste. We thought that throwing away these, which have already been produced, and buying the ecological version to show you our green values ​​was not the right approach for us.

We have therefore chosen to reuse the materials already received and when we run out, we buy exclusively the biodegradable starch fillers. This helps us be more zero waste and ecological, because we sincerely have the planet at heart.
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