Réutiliser ses pots de bougies vides : astuces et idées créatives

Reusing empty candle jars: tips and creative ideas

Once you've burned all your favorite candles, what do you do with the remaining jars? Before you throw them away, know that there are ways to give them a second life. In this article, we'll show you some tips for removing the remaining wax and wick, as well as creative ideas for reusing your empty candle jars.

Remove wax and remaining wick

There are several methods for removing the wax and remaining wick from your candle jars. Here are two easy-to-do methods:

The boiling water method:

  • Add boiling water to the empty candle jar
  • Let the jar sit for about 1 hour
  • Use the back of a utensil to remove wax and remaining wick
  • If stains persist, you can clean the pot with dish soap

The freezer method:

  • Place the empty candle jar in the freezer for about 30 minutes
  • Take the jar out of the freezer and use a utensil to remove the wax and remaining wick
  • Clean the pot with dish soap

Do not forget to take the jar out of the freezer quickly, because it will not withstand the cold for several hours.

Creative ideas for reusing your candle jars

Now that you've successfully removed the wax and remaining wick from your candle jars, it's time to turn them into useful and decorative items. Here are some ideas:

Desk organizers

Turn your candle jars into handy desk organizers to store your office supplies. You can customize the jars with acrylic paint, glitter or washi tape to make them unique.

Decorative vases

Use your empty candle jars as vases to hold fresh or artificial plants. Add paint, glitter or stickers to personalize your vase and give it a unique look.

Storage jars

Use your empty candle jars as storage boxes to store your jewelry, cufflinks or other small valuables.

Holiday decorations

Use your empty candle jars to create original and economical party decorations. Paint or decorate them with seasonal designs or festive themes, add fairy lights and place them on your table or on your mantel to create a festive atmosphere.

In summary, do not throw away your empty candle jars! They can be made into a variety of useful and decorative items. And you, do you have another idea of how you reuse them?

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